Like many, I’ve often tried to read the Bible daily or read it more carefully or whatever. However, like many, I’ve usually failed for lack of focus or even to be honest, enthusiasm. Not being involved in any sort of regular outside bible study has been a problem to a degree too, so I’ve tended to use online sermons and the expositions of others more scholarly in scripture than I am, to teach me. BUT God has been very much reminding me that listening to others talk about Him is in no way as useful or spiritually edifying as listening TO Him speak to me more personally as He can really only do through His Word. So I went on a search for bible studies online, and while I found quite a few that were your typical type of studies with little quizzes at the end to score how great you are in not bothering to read the passages, but just your general knowledge of the topic perhaps – I also had the divine ‘fortune’ to come across what I think will prove to be one of the best sites I could have discovered this year.

Calling itself, the One Year Bible Blog its no different to any other blog except the author has skillfully put it together in a truly interesting manner. You have the options of listening and/or reading the relevant passages (2 from each Testament), and then reading what Mike has put as his own thoughts on them, before having the chance to put up your own if you’re interested – ultimately you don’t have to, but I’ve done so on a few occasions, as much to hone in on my own interpretations of what I’ve just heard or else to ask questions or perhaps to provoke some debate on some particular topic – today it was the concept of ‘soul sleep’ – another one which divides the camp in multiple directions sometimes. I used to think it was a sort of heresy and had held to the “Absent from the body, present with the Lord” concept, but listening to the story of Lazarus yet again today – what leapt out at me was the portion where Jesus stated:
John 11:11 These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, “Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep. “ KJV. SO, that sort of got me wondering somewhat whether perhaps the soul sleep brigade are maybe right, or else it may be that the concept is a valid one, but only prior to the Resurrection of Jesus!

But regardless – if anyone reading this has any interest in such a wonderful Bible reading in a year plan – head to

And of course, please feel free to add your own views here as much as there too :))