Well – not much happened this past week, other than me getting out for a couple of drives. The first one was to take my wonderful ‘baby’ Tikvah (pic shown), to the vets to check out his weight gain – sadly Craig my equally wonderful vet said that his weight sort of “comes with being a certain age!” I’d really hoped he’d consider it just might be more down to a possible underactive thyroid or the like, and we could just stick him on some drugs for a fast result, but not to be. Instead, I had to shell out for some rather expensive diet food for him, which after being on for a week, he’s now gained another 2g SO I think the time has come for me to get real – I tend to just throw in whatever looks an acceptable amount for him to eat, but I’m obviously still overfeeding him heavily. It’s SO hard tho to try and keep him on a strict diet when he keeps snicking into the breadbin for extras!! Soda bread and now pancakes seem to be his favourite!

Second trip out saw me getting my mum out to Holywood for a very short walk – she was so much worse than usual, and really not up to walking much at all which was a pity. However, we did manage to make it into a lovely coffee shop for a nice couple of Lattes which was enjoyable.

On the spiritual front, I had a rather tough awakening to what spiritual warfare is about to some degree on Sat night/Sun morning. Having had a nice chat with Colin (our minister at BMC) on Sat afternoon, and stating strongly how I fully expected to be at church in the morning, I ended up having one of the worst nights of the week for lack of sleep and increased bone pain, with the result that come Sunday morning, I was neither able to wake up, nor in any fit state when I finally did haul myself out of bed, to consider driving even the very short distance up the road to join the service late at 12, (as it was a Communion morning, and I’d said I might just head up for that section rather than sit out the whole service!). So wasn’t to be, but I did feel the timing was rather suspect in every respect, and told Colin as much. However, can but try again next week, as there’s no doubt that the more I allow myself to be pushed into not going out and in particular to church, I’ll end up back where I was 2 years ago – unchurched, and unfellowshipped (prob not a true word, but you know what I mean!).

God has continued to deepen my walk with Him tho, and has also been answering my prayers for an increased knowledge and interest in His Word, by providing me with an excellent one-year bible site, as well as speaking to me through a couple of films I torrented recently – one being the Gospel of John, and the other, the Life of David. Really been challenged in certain sections on both as He has (as always) hit me with certain scriptures 🙂